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On the run to the outside of everything

“We all… apprehend the land imperfectly, even when we go to the trouble to wander in it. Our perceptions are colored by preconception and desire. The physical landscape is an unstructured abode of space and time and is not entirely fathomable; but this does not necessarily put us at a disadvantage in seeking to know it. Believing them to be fundamentally mysterious in their form and color, the varieties of life inherent in them, in the tactile qualities of their soils, the sound of the violent fall of rain upon them, the smell of their buds – believing landscapes to be mysterious aggregations, it becomes easier to approach them.”

Barry Lopez
Arctic Dreams (p. 230)


As we have already glimpsed and will continue to discover

As we have already glimpsed and will continue to discover, we are able to expand our awareness beyond the perceived limitations of our own person – Ervin László

Collages by Augustine Kofie
via but does it float
Kofie Collage 2

Kofie Collage

The Bees in Your Backyard



Honeybees can be managed in hives because in nature they congregate in tree cavities, but 70 percent of wild bees nest in the ground, often as solitary insects or as a congregation of loners: Think of an apartment building full of singles. Maybe as many as a third of bees evolved to feed off a given flower or flower family. The others are generalists and will devour whatever nectar and pollen is around. – Adrian Higgins


I had a dream, which was not all a dream // But does it float

I had a dream, which was not all a dream
Images taken by the unmanned spacecraft Cassini
Title: Lord Byron


ChicoMann // UP A LITTLE BIT // discofunk

Quali&Tight // This Is How We Walk On The Moon covered by Jose Gonzalez

Memory Tapes // Run Out

Jungle – Drops // Instrumental // Ric Elsworth

Image – Maya Lin: History of Water by L.A.Bean

Ordinary Feeling — Here We Go Magic // Secretly Canadian

Gold Panda // We Work Nights

“The album is the product of a period spent touring the world multiple times around, absorbing influences and probing potential new avenues of creative exploration.” – Bandcamp

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