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Month: August 2011

Tycho – Hours | Ghostly

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While his formative years were spent listening to everything from Yes to Photek, Scott Hansen didn’t get his hands on an actual guitar or drum machine until he left his native Sacramento for San Francisco in 1995. “Encountering this whole new world at 20 years old was a profound experience,” says Hansen, better known by his musical pseudonym Tycho and as the graphic artist ISO50. “At the time, I was just learning the processes of design and music; both felt very similar, and have flowed back and forth for me ever since.”

(via http://soundcloud.com/ghostly/tycho-hours) 

Check out more of his artwork and music here:

Stock market plummets—what the mass media isnt telling you about capitalism

Haven't we had enough of this dictatorship of the banks and corporations?

Stock market plummets—what the mass media isnt telling you about capitalism.

By Richard Becker (via The Party for Socialism and Liberation)

If there is one thing that the developments of the last week in Washington and Wall St. show, it is this: Capitalism is a system of mass destruction. It cannot be reformed—it must be replaced through the revolutionary reconstitution of society on a socialist basis.

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