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Vangelis Katsoulis ‎- Minimal Suite (1986)

Vangelis Katsoulis ‎- Minimal Suite (1986)

“Since 1983, the use of music technology becomes gradually apparent in his compositions, exploiting technological advancements, without diminishing the importance of the human factor and the creative involvement of the performer. Today, he is striving for simplicity, trying to express the most, using the least.” – source

The Rise of Anti-Capitalism – Jeremy Rifkin NYT



Ji Lee; original painting by Eugène Delacroix

What makes the social commons more relevant today is that we are constructing an Internet of Things infrastructure that optimizes collaboration, universal access and inclusion, all of which are critical to the creation of social capital and the ushering in of a sharing economy. The Internet of Things is a game-changing platform that enables an emerging collaborative commons to flourish alongside the capitalist market.

The Rise of Anti-Capitalism – NYTimes.com.

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