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【ADA view 197】 NAギャラリー水槽の経時変化 ”33-3″

【ADA view 197】 NAギャラリー水槽の経時変化 This time, we introduce the temporal change of《33rd week》aquascape that is made during NA seminar in Sep 2011..

More info at Aqua Design Amano Japan: http://www.adana.co.jp/

2013 AGA Aquascaping Contest – “Golden hour” by Pacheco

It’s evident this Aquascaper knows how to deliver, excellent work from PV Pacheco.


Honorable mention.

2013 AGA Aquascaping Contest – Entry #268.

View his tumblr here:

Google’s Road Map to Global Domination – NYTimes.com

The Google team on the Colorado River.

The Google team on the Colorado River.

What came first, conquered by Google’s superior search algorithms. Who was next, and Facebook was the victor. But where, arguably the biggest prize of all, has yet to be completely won.

Google’s Road Map to Global Domination – NYTimes.com.

Standing Tree Desk – Instructables

Standing Tree Desk.

Well everyone (especially around instructables) always talks about how bad sitting is for you, so everyone makes standing desks. But, you know what else seriously lowers your quality of life? Being trapped indoors all the time! Now you can go do your work, stand up, and enjoy the amazing world around you! – digital naturalism

Ratatat – Drugs

via ▶ Ratatat – Drugs – YouTube.

Earth Time-Lapse: View from Space Fly Over Nasa ISS

Earth- Time Lapse: View from Space Fly Over Nasa ISS – YouTube.

Economic Collapse Seen Through Aerial Photos of Abandoned Mansions | Wired.com

Economic Collapse Seen Through Aerial Photos of Abandoned Mansions | Raw File | Wired.com.


Cocoa Beach Starry Sky


Cocoa Beach Starry Sky – L.A. Bean

Sakurajima Volcano with Lightning


Image Credit & Copyright: Martin Rietze (Alien Landscapes on Planet Earth)

Pictured above, the Sakurajima volcano in southern Japan was caught erupting in early January. Magma bubbles so hot they glow shoot away as liquid rock bursts through the Earth’s surface from below. The above image is particularly notable, however, for the lightning bolts caught near the volcano’s summit. Why lightning occurs even in common thunderstorms remains a topic of research, and the cause of volcanic lightning is even less clear. Surely, lightning bolts help quench areas of opposite but separated electric charges. One hypothesis holds that catapulting magma bubbles or volcanic ash are themselves electrically charged, and by their motion create these separated areas. Other volcanic lightning episodes may be facilitated by charge-inducing collisions in volcanic dust. Lightning is usually occurring somewhere on Earth, typically over 40 times each second.

From NASA’s Astronomy Picture of the Day

Moonwalk Potter Cathedral

Moonwalk from Reel Water Productions on Vimeo.

via Krulwich Wonders (http://www.npr.org/blogs/krulwich/)

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