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The Post-Medium Condition // Jill Greenberg // Photography of Paintings

Jill Greenberg Paitings

“thwarting the endless reproducibility of the photographic image…”

Paintings by Jill Greenberg

pixelstick – Light painting evolved. by Bitbanger Labs — Kickstarter

pixelstick – Light painting evolved. by Bitbanger Labs — Kickstarter.

ckck: Sun + window blinds.


Sun + window blinds.



Extraordinary LED Light Paintings – DivineCaroline


(via tracye_)


(via maxwellington)

ROMANTIC OF ELEMENTS on the Behance Network :: Express – Berlin 2003

ni9e blog: Live Painting in Tokyo…. | Buamai

~ Not Forgotten ~ (via ViaMoi)

Bogdan Chesaru plays with Light and Soap: akindofmagic.eu

Macrophotography – Light interference on soap film on the Behance Network

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