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Tim O’Brien Illustrations

Excellent illustration @ www.obrienillustration.com/about

Illustration of an illustration of an Illustrator.

Tim O’Brien is an illustrator and portrait painter whose intricately detailed and imaginative illustrations have been published most notably in TIME Magazine as well as Der Spiegel, Rolling Stone, Newsweek, TV Guide, The Atlantic Monthly, Business Week, Entertainment Weekly, Esquire, PlanSponsor, National Geographic, Playboy, Penthouse, New York Magazine, The New York Times, Reader’s Digest, Avon Books, Dial, Harper Collins, Penguin, Times Books, Scholastic, Simon & Schuster, TOR, Viking, Warner, and many others. Tim has designed several US Postage Stamps. – www.obrienillustration.com/about

In other words, the work revealed is amazing; I’m happy to finally discover the collection. Check out the Record Review Illustration for Beck’s album, ‘Morning Phase’ 2014 and a few other selections below.

Tim Obrien illustration Beck morning phase rollingstone





Martian Chronicles' by Ray Bradbury

As an aside: Really diggin’ the new USPS stamps website after discovering it through Tim’s work. The United States Postal Service nailed the responsive web design #RWD experience down pat.  As my old friend used to say, “It’s on like Donkey Kong”.

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