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In Praise of the Humble Knot

Credit Tobias Harvey

Inside Pawson’s Museum of Knots and Sailors’ Ropework in Suffolk, England. Credit Tobias Harvey

“These things are remnants of a maritime culture that has vanished. They were the product of both inspiration and boredom, or, you might say, the inspiration of boredom — a creative outlet for sailors on long voyages who had many idle hours to fill. Most seamen were illiterate, and rope was plentiful. Knots were the humble medium they embraced to kill time, serve their muses and, literally, make their beds: to stitch the hammocks in which they slept.”

–Jody Rosen

In Praise of the Humble Knot, T Magazine

Destiny in Taos // Legacy of Dennis Hopper // NYT Style

Dennis Hopper, 34 - Taos, New Mexico (Caterine Milinaire/Sygma/Corbis)

Dennis Hopper, 34 – Taos, New Mexico (Caterine Milinaire/Sygma/Corbis)

In the late 1960s at the height of his career, Dennis Hopper left Hollywood for artistic bohemia in New Mexico. His daughter looks back on a man in search of free expression and a more contemplative way of life.

Read the full article in the NYT Style Mag: Destiny in Taos.

The Rise of Anti-Capitalism – Jeremy Rifkin NYT



Ji Lee; original painting by Eugène Delacroix

What makes the social commons more relevant today is that we are constructing an Internet of Things infrastructure that optimizes collaboration, universal access and inclusion, all of which are critical to the creation of social capital and the ushering in of a sharing economy. The Internet of Things is a game-changing platform that enables an emerging collaborative commons to flourish alongside the capitalist market.

The Rise of Anti-Capitalism – NYTimes.com.

The Wisdom of Miles Davis by Herbie Hancock

Herbie Hancock on how Miles Davis inspired his courage, creativity and confidence.

Full video here: http://mahindrahumanities.fas.harvard.edu/content/set-1-wisdom-miles-davis

McLuhan medium message via Liquid Information

marshall mcluhan tshirt

medium is the message – world bank t-shirt print 

“The new media are not bridges between man and nature; they are nature.” 1969 – Marshall McLuhan

Edited by Eric McLuhan & Frank Zingrone “Essential McLuhan” Routledge 1997 ISBN 0-415-16245-9 page 272

McLuhan: Quotes via liquidinformation
more Marshall McLuhan on Wikipedia

Illustration by Paul Sahre
via All Is Fair in Love and Twitter – NYTimes.com

Illustration by Paul Sahre

But in Silicon Valley, luck can be a euphemism for something more sinister. Twitter wasn’t exactly conceived in a South Park playground, and it certainly wasn’t solely Dorsey’s idea.

‘Bleeding Edge,’ by Thomas Pynchon – NYTimes.com

Mario Wagner for New York Times

Mario Wagner for New York Times

‘Bleeding Edge,’ by Thomas Pynchon – NYTimes.com.

Kerouac’s Mexico – NYTimes.com

Castilla Beach in Mazatlán

Castilla Beach in Mazatlán

Kerouac’s Mexico – NYTimes.com

Exiting the Solar System and Fulfilling a Dream

Voyager - NASA

This image obtained in 2002 from NASA shows one of the twin Voyager spacecraft, launched in 1977.

On Thursday, scientists declared that it had become the first probe to exit the solar system, a breathtaking achievement that NASA could only fantasize about back when Voyager was launched in 1977, the same year “Star Wars” was released.

“The holy grail of heliosphere research.”

via Exiting the Solar System and Fulfilling a Dream – NYTimes.com.

Authorities Shut Berlin’s Iconic Tacheles Arts Squat

Tacheles Art by dolce_luna

Tacheles Art by dolce_luna

Berlin’s iconic Tacheles arts centre has been cleared after decades of bureaucratic wrangling over the debt-ridden building.

The massive warehouse in the Mitte district was occupied by artists after the fall of the Berlin Wall and became a major tourist attraction.

But the dilapidated complex has been hampering local redevelopment plans.

HSH Nordbank, currently in charge of the Tacheles, requested the clearance as part of plans to sell the centre.

Read More: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-19473806

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